User Manual

Overview - 

First build the 3D model you wish to render by adjusting/adding/deleting vertices. Then, when satisfied with the model, hit the render button and the mesh with automatically triangulate and render the mesh. Wait for the noise to clear and if you are satisfied with the result you can save the model as a Wavefront .obj file to use is any other software. You can even bring it into Blender to clean up some small parts of the model without having to learn all the complicated tools Blender requires to build the model in the first place.


Camera - 

      Right Click and Drag to Rotate The Camera Around the Object.

       Scroll the Mouse Wheel to Zoom and Unzoom.

Modeling Controls - 

      Click on a vertex to open its interactions.

      Drag the arrows on the vertex interface to move the vertex.

      D - Duplicate Selected Vertex (used to add new vertices to the model)

      Del - Delete Selected Vertex

      Shift + R - Completely Reset Model

Render Controls - 

      Drag Each Slider to Adjust the Material Properties of the Render.  

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